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Brussels / Belgien

Convictions in Dialogue is an association based in Etterbeek, one of 19 communes of the Brussels capital region. Etterbeek is located not far from the European institutions. The association was created in 2005 but took a new start in 2015, following the attacks against Charlie Hebdo in Paris.
Convictions in Dialogue organises in Etterbeek meetings and dialogue between representatives of various philosophical or religious beliefs in the spirit of respect and collaboration. They encourage the promotion of dialogue for strengthening social cohesion and citizen education.
The values underlying the action of Convictions in Dialogue are encounter, dialogue, respect, openness and exchange. Convictions in Dialogue value secularism in the sense of the neutrality of the public space such that different perspectives within society can peacefully coexist.
Convictions in Dialogue want to establish a place dedicated to interfaith and inter-convictional dialogue within the municipality of Etterbeek by promoting dialogue as a way to strengthen social cohesion and lifelong citizen education. Convictions in Dialoguee believe that cultural differences can be experienced as a source of spiritual wealth.

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