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The conference of multi-faith institutions in November 2020 was initiated by the House of One and a first step towards a worldwide network. The first meeting brought together the institutions in German-speaking countries such as the House of One in Berlin, the House of Religions - Dialogue of Cultures in Bern (Switzerland), the House of Religions in Hanover (Germany), the Campus of Religions in Vienna (Austria), the House of Cultures and Religions in Munich (Germany), the planned House of Multiple Religions in Wilhelmshaven (Germany) and - although in Georgia but German speaking - the Peace Cathedral in Tbilisi. What they have in common is the idea of understanding and togetherness. We would like to present these projects.

Lived faith meets in these special places with the idea of open conversation among different people. People recognize that one's own faith ends at that of the other and that there are questions associated with this recognition that people cannot answer.

We are convinced that every multi-faith house promotes dialogue and the peaceful coexistence of people. We are glad that there are more and more such projects, that they connect, support and learn from each other.



The House of Religions - Dialogue of Cultures is trying something unique: eight religious communities practice coexistence under one roof and engage with a broader public. Since 2014, the House of Religions on Europaplatz in Bern has offered a home to those interested religious communities that previously did not have dignified premises for their ceremonies. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Alevis and Buddhists now have their own religious spaces in the building. Jews, Bahá'ís and Sikhs participate in the thematic programs.



In the House of Religions in Hanover, nine religions and worldviews have joined together to form a place of interreligious education and encounter. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahai, Alevis, Yezidis and humanists jointly advocate an attitude of respect and esteem for others. The House of Religions is a venue for interreligious encounters of all kinds.


Wilhelmshaven/Germany (still developing)

In Wilhelmshaven, the idea of a multi-religious house is also being discussed, which could also unite a synagogue, a church and a mosque as well as a meeting room under one roof, following the idea of the HOUSE OF ONE. At present, the aim is to develop a vision for the content.



In the new district of Vienna, the Seestadt Aspern, which is still under construction, a place of encounter is being created, which will be accessible not only to all religious institutions and institutions critical of religion, but also to the general public. The Campus of Religions is intended to enable a peaceful get-together, mutual acquaintance and respect with people from different cultures and religions. In addition to this togetherness and exchange, the dialogue between education, science and religions should be especially helpful for the realization of the peace project.



Following the slogan: "Unity in Diversity" the project "House of Cultures and Religions" wants to have an impact on society. Furthermore it aims to be a visible place in Munich where people of different cultures and religions meet, live together and learn from each other. The project is the linking of the College of Interreligious Studies with a dormitory and a teaching house and education projects for adults.

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