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Jews, Christians and Muslims will pray in the House of One in their respective traditions. They will also invite each other. This raises questions:

How do I behave appropriately as a guest in another religious tradition? How can I bring my faith to the table? How can we worship together as guest and host or hostess? Does this change the way we pray?

With regard to the 4th room of the House of One, the room of encounter, further questions arise: How can new, jointly developed spiritual-religious formats look like? Marriages of mixed religious couples, blessings of children or funerals that do not mix traditions, but also do not simply add them up?

We are looking for answers to these central issues for the coexistence of religions in the House of One. Not alone, but together with the Liturgy Institute of the University of Leipzig. Pastor Christian Lehnert (University of Leipzig), Imam Osman Örs, Pastor Gregor Hohberg, Cantor Esther Hirsch and Theologian Roland Stolte (all House of One) are part of a working group founded in October. You will soon learn more on our website.

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