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What external monitoring bodies are overseeing the project?

The association’s management board is responsible for making all decisions on all issues, including financial matters, that concern The House of One. The board is subject to permanent monitoring by the following external entities:

Independent auditing firm

The auditing firm Gieron & Partner GmbH constantly monitors the association to ensure that it is using the funds in accordance with the bylaws. To secure the monitoring of the use of funds, the six members of the management board have only limited access to the bank accounts: None of the members are authorized to act as signatories for account management purposes without the presence of an employee from the auditing firm. This permanent monitoring means the use of donations in line with the bylaws is anchored in the structure of the association.

Furthermore, the annual financial reports and tax declarations produced by the auditing firm Gieron & Partner GmbH show the tax office that the association is using funds in line with its bylaws. This ensures that the association remains exempt from tax and can continue to issue donation receipts for tax purposes.

In addition to the abovementioned external monitoring entities, the association also plans to commission, during the fundraising campaign, a second auditing firm to carry out a special annual audit to ensure that donated funds are used in line with the bylaws. The results of these audits will also be made available for download on The House of One website.



Our foundation benefits from tax relief (tax office decision of Sept. 1, 2016), which means donations are tax deductible in Germany. Upon request we will send you a donation receipt for the total amount during the first months of the following year by post.

As a rule, donations within the EU are tax deductible, but donors should also check their national legislation. If you require help with donation receipts for countries inside or outside the EU, feel free to contact us.

In order to build The House of One, we need donations totaling 69.5 Million Euros.

Your donation will be used to finance the construction of The House of One, from the planning stage to the completed building. On top of that, a small share of your donation will help cover advertising and management costs. However, as we are receiving a generous amount of pro-bono support from our sponsors, we can keep these costs to a minimum.

We are very much aware that our donors, sponsors, and supporters are putting an enormous amount of trust in us. We are therefore committed to handling the funds responsibly and with a high degree of transparency. For a precise overview of how we are using your donations and a detailed breakdown of all donations, click here:

Use of funds & monitoring

You can help make The House of One a reality by donating bricks and by encouraging others to get involved in the project. Launch your own fundraising campaign and get your family, friends, colleagues, classmates, and community to help your reach your goal.

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The idea and concept of the House of One is met with great approval at both federal and state level. This is also expressed in financial support. Both the federal and state governments are each providing 10 million euros for the construction of the building. In 2016 we already received 3.3 million euros from the federal and state governments of the "National Urban Development Projects" fund.

In addition, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs is financing several staff positions and the substantive work to prevent anti-Semitism rooted in religions through its project "Demokratie Leben!". The Federal Ministry of the Interior supported previously the establishment of the Social Media Team.

As an expression of the solidarity with our interreligious peace project, the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, will also assume the chairmanship of the Board of Trustees.

The Evangelical Church is providing us conceptual support and human resources to the extent that it can. This is extremely helpful in our efforts to grow the project and gain widespread acceptance for it. However, none of the revenue from Germany’s church tax will go into building The House of One.

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